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Kiniciti, Ncardia, and the Future of Cell & Gene Therapy

In November 2021, we were pleased to announce our investment in Kiniciti, a Cell & Gene Therapy ("CGT") aggregator. Later in November, Kiniciti announced its first strategic partnership with Ncardia, a leader in developing stem cell-based solutions for drug discovery and cell therapy. Kiniciti's partnership and investment will allow Ncardia to build GMP capabilities to support iPSC cell therapy platforms and human cell-based in vitro discovery services.

We recently hosted a discussion with Geoffrey Glass, Kiniciti's CEO. In the video below, Geoff discusses:

  • The future of Cell and Gene Therapy

  • Allogeneic vs Autologous therapies

  • Ncardia and IPSCs (Induced pluripotent stem cells)

  • The vision for Kiniciti's platform and ecosystem

Connect with Kiniciti: https://www.kiniciti.com/contact-us

Career opportunities at Ncardia: https://www.ncardia.com/careers/